I have a pair of 4G Acura TL Projectors. The cutoff is very faint color wise, definitely a sharp cutoff outline wise, but the colors are not very deep (as if they were faded out).

I just had a few questions based on tweaking the projectors

How would you adjust the cutoff focusing it, sharpening etc. - I got the cutoff to work, however, one of them shows a sharp cutoff, then a gap of faint color, then a slight blue / yellow ontop of it, as if there are two cutoffs, rather than a clean cutoff then color right on top of it.

How would I color mod them washers? How can I put more washers (max 1 washer on the 4 legs, while still allowing the projectors to lock shut) - clip on based.

Would installing spacers in the lens work for focus/color?

If I could install spacers, how in the world do I remove the lenses, I feel as if if I push on the retainers and push up on the lens, I feel as if I'm going to break them, or should I just brute force my way through?

I can't really upload any pictures, due to not being able to focus on the cutoff; so if anyone has tweaked the 4G TL projectors, any incite on modding the cutoff/color would be great.

Please help.


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